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The Necessity of Unity Among Fiqhi Schools

It seems like we all still need to grow up. We fight over minor issues. If I don't pray like you does my prayer become invalid ?

Quran's 150 Jurisprudential Verses & 750 Verses of Scientific Direction

Out of 6000 verses in the Quran only 150 verses are in reference to Fiqh. Since the day I was born my focus was only toward those 150 verses. Not a lot of Muslims want to emphasize on the remaining verses.

A Background on the Exegesis (Tafseer) of the Quran

Muslims today spend more time memorizing the Quran instead of understanding the Quran.

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The Spiritual Return of the Prophet (sawas) by Shaykh Nazim Al Haqqani

The Prophet (sal) is the one whose heart is clean from all things connected with this life of dunya.
Allah Almighty made his heart to be connected with the Divine
Pleasures and made it to swim in the oceans of Divine Wisdom, Divine
Knowledge and Divine Secrets. This was opened to Rasoolullah (sal)
and he opened it to Seyyadina Abu Bakr As Siddique (ral) and to
Seyyadina Ali (ral) and then from them to the Sahabas who received
this, each according to his own levels from the Divine Knowledge,
Divine Secrets and Divine Wisdoms from the Unity Oceans of Allah

Then from one heart to another this knowledge was transferred down to
us. This was given to those who liked to swim in these Oceans. Not
everybody is asking to swim in these Oceans. Most people are very
happy to memorize some religious knowledge from books or from the
Shariah. They are very happy with this. But there are another
category of people who are searching for the `Living Knowledge'. This
is Knowledge of life. This knowledge is full of life, full of
Spirituality and full of Reality. Allah Almighty opens this knowledge
in the hearts of those who have cut off all connections with this
material world and who have connected their hearts to Allah Almighty
and to the Prophet (sal).

As for these people Allah Almighty will make for them a special
`Mihraj.' This is a special opening which takes them from one Maqam
to another. Higher and higher from state to state till they reach to
the Highest Station and to the Highest Level. This is a station from
which they can receive from Seyyadina Mahdi (alai). They take this
knowledge from him and also reach to taking knowledge from the Prophet
(sal). Then they will be able to enter into and swim in these Oceans
of Knowledge.

The message that we have for the children of Adam (alai) is that this
life is not going to continue as it is now. It is going to end soon.
Very soon there is going to come a time when everything is going to
be changed. Everything is going to change for the better. It is
going to change into the time of Sahib uz Zaman Mahdi (alai).

We are now approaching to the time of Sahib uz Zaman, Seyyadina Mahdi
(alai). The Prophet (sal) gave us news of this. The Sahabas asked
the Holy Prophet (sal) as to when the Day of Judgment is. The Prophet
(sal) answered that, "it will be very close, so close more than you
can even tell." Then the Sahabas asked him whether it will be during
his time. The Prophet (sal) replied, "No, it will be after my time,
and after me there shall be the four `Rightly Guided Khaliphas' who
are Abu Bakr as Siddique, Omar, Usman and Ali. After them will come
the Princes and then the Kings". The Princes were the Ummayad and
Abassids and the Kings and the sultans were the Ottomans The Princes
or the Ummayads and Abassids ruled for two centuries and thereafter
the Kings ruled for seven hundred years. The Kings were the Ottoman
Khaliphas. The last of the Kings or the Sultans was Sultan Abdul
Hamid of the Ottoman Empire. After this during the next hundred
years will be the period of the tyrants. We are in this period now.
This period will be for 100 years or less and then Allah Almighty is
going to send the grandson of the Holy Prophet (sal) who will also be
called Muhammad. He will guide the Nation of the Prophet (sal) to
Islam and to Iman. He is going to lead the Nation of the Prophet
(sal) so that they will reach to the Divine Pleasures of Allah
Almighty and will be the real Ummah of the Holy Quran.

Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) will rule for 7 years. During this time this
World will be like Paradise. In the 7th year Seyyadina Esa (alai)
will take over from him and rule this World for a period of 40 years.
This period of time beginning from the rule of Mahdi (alai) will be
the time that the Holy Prophet (sal) will be sent back into this
World, spiritually and he will be planting the secret of the Quran in
the hearts of the people during this time. This is because Allah
Almighty had promised this in the Holy Quran. So Allah Almighty is
going to send the Holy Prophet (sal) not in his physical body but
spiritually in order to plant in the hearts of all Mankind the Secret
of the Quran.

It says in the Quran "The one who sends to you this Holy Quran is
going to send you back at an appointed time" In this time the Prophet
(sal) will be sent to plant the Secrets of the Holy Quran in the
hearts of the children of Adam (alai) and in the hearts of Mankind and
in the hearts of the Nation of Rasoolullah (sal). Allah Almighty is
going to send the Seal of Prophets, spiritually, not physically and
then he will order him to appear and already Rasoolullah (sal) has
appeared like the sun for his Ummath.

Rasoolullah (sal) was like the Sun for his Ummah and will never
disappear. Always if there is a Nation of Rasoolullah (sal), then
there has to be Rasoolullah (sal) with this Nation. There cannot be a
Nation without their respective Prophets and you will see that all
past Nations are now finished. Now the Nation of the Prophet is only
remaining. Allah Almighty will continue it till the Day of Judgment
and Allah Almighty shall make Rasoolulah (sal) to be forever with his
Nation and to plant the secret of the Holy Quran in the time of Mahdi
(alai) and Seyyadina Esa (alai). This is going to be in front of us.
We are now waiting for this event to happen. All awliya are waiting
for this time to come. This is the time when Rasoolulah (sal) is going
to make his Spirituality to appear and people are going to know about
the Spirituality of Rasoolullah (sal).

The Sahaba of Rasoolullah (sal) or the companions of Rasoolullah
(sal) was in the presence of the physical body of Rasoolullah (sal).
The last Nation of Rasoolullah (sal) is going to see his Spirituality.
They are going to see his reality and he is going to plant in their
hearts the Secrets of the Holy Quran. By the Holy Quran Allah
Almighty is changing the badness in this world into light . Then how
about when Rasoolullah (sal) receives the Secret of the Holy Quran?
What is going to happen and what is going to be the changes when these
Secrets are going to be opened for Mankind. The Heavens and the Earth
is going to be opened to Mankind. All stations and Godly Worlds are
going to be opened to Mankind and by using the Secrets of the Holy
Quran, Mankind will be able to enter into the Divine and Godly Worlds
of Allah Almighty by the permission of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty will at that time order the Spirituality of Rasoolullah
(sal) to give everyone a `Spiritual Being' so that they will be able
to enter into the Godly Worlds of Allah Almighty, and into the Godly
Kingdom of Allah Almighty. The Kingdom of Allah Almighty unlike this
world will never finish. It is from Pre-Eternity to Eternity. It is
forever. The Kingdom of Allah is not like this earth which is good
one day and bad on the next day. This World which is the Godly World
is so vast and so big containing the Earth and the Heavens and the
World of Command. Jabarut and all this is going to be opened up
during the time of Mahdi (alai) and all these will be by the blessings
of Rasoolullah (sal) who is going to open the doors of these Godly
Worlds of Allah Almighty.

Allah Almighty has even now given the people and the ulama the `Keys.'
Everyone who recites the Holy Quran can find these keys. But they do
not know how to use it. This is because they do not know how to use
it and because they do not know what the secret of these `Keys' are.
Allah Almighty has made plenty of these `Keys' and they are in the
hands of people even now but they do not know how to use it. Allah
Almighty has in some `Ayats' or verses given these secrets in letters
in the beginning. For example:-

Alif Lam Meem,
Kaf Ha Ya Ayn Saad,
Haa Meem Ya Seen khaff,
Haa Meem
Alif Laam Raa
Saad and so forth and regarding these letters even the Ulama do not
know the meaning. Everyone explains them according to the knowledge
that they have but they are really `Keys'. These are `Spiritual Keys'.
These are the Spiritual Keys to open the Holy Quran and by and through
them you will be able to enter the Holy Secret of the Holy Quran and
you will be able to open all the Divine Godly World of Allah Almighty
and you will be able to swim in the Oceans of Wisdom and of the Secret
of Divine Knowledge in the Divine Unity of Allah Almighty .
Therefore no one should think he is a big one and that his life is
going to continue like it has been upto now. No. It is not going to
continue like this. It is going to come to an end. Allah Almighty is
going to stop this kind of life which we are living in and to change
it into a new life. To change it to a life that is guided by Imam
Sahib uz Zaman Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) and by Seyyadina Esa (Sal).

It is going to be the Sultan ul Awliya of our time who will be
teaching even Mahdi (alai) to reach to Rasoolullah (sal). Without the
intermediary of this Sultan ul Awliya no one can reach to the reality
of Rasoolullah (sal). Even Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) who is going to be
the Sultan of the Earth has to be connected to Rasoolullah (sal) by
the Sultan ul Awliya of our time.

At this time every one like Seyyadina Moosa (alai) will be able to
hear the voice of Allah Almighty. In this manner Allah Almighty will
talk to mankind during the time of Mahdi (alai). Everybody is going
to hear the voice of Allah Almighty in the way that Seyyadina Moosa
(alai) heard the voice of Allah Almighty. Everyone is also going to
hear the voice of Rasoolullah (sal) and the sincere person will also
be able to see the Spirituality of Rasoolullah (Sal). Everyone will
not be able to see the Spirituality of Rasoollah (Sal), only the
sincere person will be able to see him, But everyone will be able to
hear the voice of Rasoolullah (sal). This is not limited to only
those who are alive at that time because those who are in their graves
and those who are in Barzaq will also be able to hear the voice of
Rasoolullah (sal) and all of them will be blest by the Secret of the
Holy Quran being put into their hearts. Those who are alive will be
dressed in this life physically and those who have already passed away
will also be dressed in this manner, spiritually, by the blessings of
the Secret of the Quran.

For this Allah Almighty is making a way and anyone who walks in this
way is going to reach to at the end, the Imam of this way and if you
can walk in the rays of the Sun you can reach the Sun, and the one who
can walk in the way of Lights can reach at the end to Divine Oceans
of Light. Here Allah Almighty is saying, "I am Allah Almighty, the
Light of Light. " Allahu Noor us samawathi wal Arl" Allah Almighty is
the Light of the Heavens and the Earth. Allah Almighty is saying in
the Holy Quran, "I am the Light, I am the Light of all the Heavens
and the Earth, I am the Light of your physical body, I am the Light of
your soul, I am the Light of your real body, I am the Light of all
creation", which means that everything is really created from the
Light of Allah Almighty. If you can make yourself to die before death
then you will enter into the Divine Ocean of the Light of Allah
Almighty and you will swim in this Ocean and then you will become
Light. Your shape will be like your physical body but the reality is
that you are a Light from the Light of Allah Almighty. Your physical
body will be in the shape as it is now, but in reality your Light will
be from the Light of Allah Almighty. Your eyes will be from the Light
of Allah Almighty and your ears will be from the Light of Allah
Almighty, your tongue shall be from the Light of Allah Almighty and
your hands and your feet will be from the Light of Allah Almighty and
your soul will be from the Light of Allah Almighty and you shall be
Light upon Light.

You will see with the eyes of Allah Almighty, you will hear with the
ears of Allah Almighty, you will talk with the tongue of Allah
Almighty, you will work with the hands of Allah Almighty and you will
walk with the feet of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty shall then dress
you with a `Godly Body', a `Godly Light body'.

This is what all the Awliyas are preparing for now. Rasoolullah (sal)
predicted that until that time appears people will be facing so much
of misfortune and so many bad events are going to be faced by them.
Therefore you must try to tolerate as much as you can and ask for
protection from Allah Almighty by saying "|Asthagfirullah." Keep away
as much as you can from bad people and don't try to intervene between
people in their quarrels but keep yourself safe so that you will be
able to reach to the time of Seyyadina Mahdi (alai) where you are
going to have real life and you are going to be enjoying the real
spiritual life like the Sahaba during the time of Rasoolullah (sal).

The Sahaba were in Jennah or Paradise because they were with
Rasoolullah (sal). They were with him physically and they could see
and touch Rasoolullah (sal) and so it was like Paradise. This was
more than paradise for the Sahaba who were living with the Prophet
(sal) and praying behind him and was in his holy presence. In this
manner the Sahaba lived for 23 years with the Prophet (sal) and
because of this it was like living in paradise. Then when Rasoolullah
(sal) passed away they lost it and it was finished and it stopped.
>From the time that Rasooullah (sal) passed away we are in nought time.

This shall be so until the appearance of Imam Mahdi (alai).

Then they will send to us the reality of Rasoolullah (sal) again and
this time shall be much higher than even paradise. It will be "Makkah
ul Siddiq" "Madinatul Muktadir" because it is going to be in the
neighborhood of Allah Almighty and it is going to be in the
neighborhood of Rasoolullah (sal) because the reality or the
spirituality of Rasoolullah (sal) is going to be with us during this
time and the knowledge that is going to be opened by Rasoolullah (sal)
will be the opening of the Secret of the Quran. What is the meaning
of "Secret of the Quran." This is what Allah Almighty dresses the
Holy Prophet (sal) with, what He gave from His heart to the heart of
Rasoolullah (sal) during the Holy Seclusion during the night of
Mihraj. This is the night that we call "Lailathul Mihraj." In this
Night Journey at the time that Rasoolullah (sal) ascended to the
Divine Presence he made a special seclusion with Allah Almighty.
During this seclusion Allah Almighty dressed the heart of the Prophet
(sal) directly.

What was directly dressed into the heart of the Prophet (sal) will be
opened to the Nation of the Prophet (sal) during the time of Seyyadina
Mahdi (alai) and Seyyadina Esa (alai). It is because of this that
Moulana says that Allah Almighty is going to send again the reality of
Rasoolullah (sal) because no one can give this knowledge, or translate
this knowledge or open this knowledge or the secret of this knowledge
expect Rasoolullah (sal), because he was the one who was dressed with
the knowledge in the seclusion that we mentioned before with Allah

Allah Almighty, did not make a seclusion like this with any other
prophet except with the Seal of Prophets, Seyyadina Muhammad (sal).
Many were the times that Seyyadina Moosa (alai) asked Allah Almighty
to see Allah Almighty. He was a very powerful prophet in the Divine
Presence of Allah Almighty. He was saying "Oh! Allah Almighty let me
be able to see you just one time. Let me be able to meet you at least
once even. Let me be able to make a seclusion with you for at least
the blink of an eye." Allah Almighty replied, "No Moosa! This is not
for you! It is for My beloved Prophet Muhammad (sal)."

Moosa (alai) was surprised and he said, "What is the difference
between me and Muhammad (sal)? I am Your Khalif and I also talk
toYou. So why do you not treat me like you treat Muhammad (sal)?"
Allah Almighty admonished Moosa (alai) by saying, "Moosa be careful
with what you are saying! You are not allowed to talk like this about
Muhammad (sal). All prophets are trying their best to please me. As
regards to Muhammad (sal) it is I who is trying to please him. I am
Allah Almighty and I am trying my best to please My beloved Muhammad

May Allah Almighty forgive us, send us mercy , bless us by the mercy
of Rasoolullah (sal) and the good tidings and blessings of Rasoolullah
(sal) and Allah Almighty. May He make us sincere servants of Allah
Almighty and make us sincere Ummath of Rasoolullah (sal) and sincere
Mureeds of Moulana Sheik Nazim and of Grandsheik and of all the
Grandsheiks in our golden chain up to Seyyadina Abu Bakr (Ral).

Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Azeez Allah Allah Allah Allah
Allah Allah Allah Kareem Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah
Suban Allah
Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Sultan Allah.

You are the Sultan, Oh Allah, we are the weakest servants, Oh Allah
have mercy on us, we are repenting to you. Oh Allah we are saying,
Astafurullah, Astafurullah, Shafata Ya Rasoollah, Muhabatha Ya Allah,
Muhabatha Ya Rasoollah Ela Sharafi Nabiyina Seyadina Muhammad (sal)
(Presention) Al Fathiha

Someone in the audience says to Sheikh Adnan, "We are noting that a
lot of non muslims are becoming Moulana's mureeds after reading the
website ( We find that they are more interested
in high knowledge than the Muslims."

Sheikh Adnan answers:

"Muslims will ask whether we could do this or that but non muslims
they will like spirituality they will come for spirituality. Muslims
will ask where in the Quran you find this and where in the Hadees you
find this. This is not the case with non Muslims. During Mahdi
(Alahi)'s time most of his followers will be non-muslims who will
convert to Islam. To Muslims when you say something, they will ask to
show them the Ayath in the Holy Quran. Due to this our Grandsheikh
said and Moulana said that when Imam Mahdi (alai) appears 70,000
Ulamas (Islamic Scholars) will reject him. They will say, "You are
not true. You are a false one. You are not Mahdi." They shall in this
manner reject Mahdi (alai) and then Allah Almighty will order them to
be slaughtered.

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Prof Norman Finkelstein delivers check mate to a Zionist with Utmost Elegance and Tranquility

Muhammad al-Asi in an interview with the Tehran Times

Imam Al Asi with Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei

Imam Al Asi in Iran

TEHRAN – Muhammad al-Asi, a prayer leader at the Islamic Center of Washington, says only governments are Iranophobic while nations “sympathize” with Iran.

Muhammad al-Asi was in Tehran to participate in the 23rd International Islamic Unity Conference from March 3 to 5.

In an interview with the Tehran Times, Al-Asi said he believes that lack of “rational thought” is the most important reason behind misunderstandings between Muslims.

Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Q: Why there is misunderstanding between Muslims?

A: I think the absence of rational thought has contributed significantly to misunderstandings among Muslims. Tensions, and even accusations and in some cases the bad blood, most of that is attributable to the fact that we have a general public Muslim that lacks a minimum standard of thinking. If Muslims could raise their level of thinking then they can tolerate differences and if they raise their level of thinking they can accept the other opinion that does not necessarily correspond with their own opinion. I think there is no avoiding the issue that Muslims need to think and if we continue along this traditional Islam that we have then we will go from one generation to next generation with more problem, misunderstanding, friction, accusation, one denomination against the other, and one school of thought against the other. The only way out of these is to raise our standards of thinking.

Q: How should we handle the problems Muslims face?

A: When you speak about the pluralism and sectarianism you are becoming more practical in dealing with real problems that Muslims face. You know some Muslims are dying because of sectarianism, some Muslims are becoming tools of foreign policies that are against the Islamic common good. So, when you begin to deal with the issue of sectarianism and you begin to deal with the issue of Muslims tolerating a plurality of legitimate opinions, you are being more practical. There should be some type of input as to how we can come to terms with real problems that have plagued us for centuries and centuries.

Q: What are your suggestions for promoting unity in the Islamic world?

A: I always say and I continue to repeat that the best way in overcoming the centuries-old problems that we inherited is to intensify the communication among Muslims. There has to be more contact. We live in a world that is called the global village. The world is shrinking but we Muslims are still. Just because of artificial and geographical and political borders we can’t understand the Muslims that are just twenty miles away or twenty kilometers away. And this is very bad. All of this has to come down. There has to be a world of Islam that has intensive communications. All of these barriers have to come down. Why should be visas between Muslim countries? One of the issues that can eliminate a lot of these problems is to drop out the visas requirements. Muslims should be allowed to go anywhere in the Muslim world they wish to go. And in particular Mecca and Medina should be an open city for all Muslims. In all of the Islamic history Mecca was a gravity city for all Muslims. Muslims used to gravitate towards Mecca. No one told them you can’t come to Mecca. You can’t settle in Mecca, you can’t speak your mind in Mecca; you can’t open up to your other brother Muslim in Mecca. But right now the fact on the ground is that we have obstacles, we have official, physical, and economic obstacles that have isolated Mecca and have choked the vitality that belongs there as the melting part of Muslims. These barriers should come down and we can all meet and travel to our common Gheblah, Harram, birthplace of Islam and the Prophet. When this happens, we begin to see that differences among Muslims.

We can communicate with each other and bypass these types of differences there by overcoming the prejudice and bigotry that comes from us not knowing each other.

Mecca is a melting part. It is where Muslims are supposed to come from all over the world to express their heartfelt condition, inner thoughts and their mind to each other. It is a place where the Muslim public mind is consolidated. We don’t have a public mind. By public mind we should be sharing common thoughts, and the reason why we don’t share common thoughts is because we have been divided into 57 nation states and within these 57 nation states there are also subdivisions. Within one nation state we will find a little minority here, a little ethnic group there, a little denomination here. So the division keeps on multiplying and multiplying. This has to cease, it has to end. And the only way this can end is for us, to breathe the freedom that Allah has given us in Mecca and Medina. This is my understanding of how we can truly have a consolidation of the Islamic rank and file of the different peoples, ethnic groups of Islam, different languages, cultures, and educational levels of Muslims.

Q: All participants in such meetings insist on Muslim unity but when they return home no tangible progress is seen and sectarian rifts still persist.

A: There are two elements here. There is an element that gives and an element that takes. Not all people who attend in this conference are at the same level. Some people are more knowledgeable, some people are more experienced, and some people have accurate information. Others are less knowledgeable, less experienced, and less informed. So the people here who come to this conference who have accurate information and who have enough experience should influence those who don’t have… and influence them because people who come to this conference are supposed to be leaders in their own countries or own communities. They are supposed to be intellectuals, professors, and clergyman. They are all in position to affect public opinion in their own environment. So in this conference there has to be those who have the experience, who have the knowledge, the sincerity, and the background to influence, to give. So the others will be the recipients, and then when they go back home are not empty headed and empty handed; they go back with something. And this is supposed to be accomplished.

Q: What do people think about Islam in the U.S.?

A: This is a very hard question to answer because feelings about Islam are very mixed. If you take an official position in Washington, in the United States, there is much animosity and much hostility towards Muslims. This is expressed in policies, occupation, invasion, and stealing the resources of the Muslims.

Then you have the average person in the U.S. who is confused. He listens, says, and hears Islam is this and Islam is that. He may know some Muslims. So you have a proportion of people who are looking and searching for the truth. What is Islam? They want to understand. That segment of people exists in the U.S.

There is another segment of people we are called minorities because of the racist nature of American society. …so if the government is speaking bad about Islam and Muslims, minorities are going to begin to think: wait a minute there might be something good about Islam and Muslims. If my enemy is saying Islam is bad there must be some merits to Islam.

Q: What is your opinion about Iranophobia in the region and in the U.S.?

A: In the region it is only the governments who are Iranophobic. People, they sympathize and they understand Iran. But in the United States, Iran is a peculiar case of Islam. Iran is a head of the rest of the Muslims. That is why we see it (the U.S.) is trying to get Europe, China, and Russia to sanction Iran, to put economic pressure on Iran and these types of things because Iran is ahead of the other Muslims developing in technology, scientific research, progress, and in all of these. It has become the target of the evil governments in the world particularly those that are classified under the replica of imperialism and Zionism.


Muhammad al-Asi is the elected Imam (the only elected Imam) of the Islamic Center in Washington, DC. He leads the Friday prayers outside of the Masjid as he is barred from entering the mosque for over 27 years.

Ignorant Muslim Scholars Leading the Ummah

Again Tahir Ul Qadri quote can apply toward the scholars of today too. Majority of today's scholars are not technologists, engineers, scientists, professors, doctors etc..

Prof Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri on the roots of Terrorism.

Here is a very crucial point in this video.

Tahir Ul Qadri says "As a result, those who were given weapons and were made mujahideens were left without any skill.They were neither technologists, engineers, scientists, professors nor theologians or religious scholars."

Its not wonder these terrorist loved war because they don't even live in reality.

Tahir ul Qadri on CNN regarding Fatwa on Terrorism

Finally a Sunni Scholar who uses his intellect to defend the Muslims around the world. I am sick fanatics floating around the world and misrepresenting us worldwide. Now when the West says why don't you Muslims do anything ? We finally have an response for them.