Monday, December 12, 2011

Hassanain Rajabali With Syed Ninowy in Masjid Ba'Alawi in Singapore

Hassanain Rajabali and Ammar Nakshawani are among the most popular Western orators in the 12er Shia community. They both hold on to the extreme beliefs such as considering the 3 calipahs as apostates, believing that Umar (ra) was responsible for killing Bibi Fatima (sa), considering Sunnis as kaffirs in the aqira etc..
On the contrary, they still promote a form of unity, which in the end only favors their end.
Anyway, aside from all I have seen Nakshawani invite a Sunni speaker about Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as). In this clip Nakshawani has shown a high level of respect. On top of that in history, the 12er Shia leader such as ibn 'Alqami and Nasir al Din al Tusi did show a high level of respect toward the great Mutazilli scholar Ibn Abil Hadid Al Mutazila. This was done by ibn 'Alqami and Shaykh Tusi despite their treacherous behavior toward Sunni community in Baghdad.
From a commentor below I have been notified that in Masjid Ba'Alawi located in Imam, Habib Hasan al-Attas, had invited Hassanain Rajabali. He was accorded all the respect and courtesy due to a visitor