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The 12th Imam Will Kill the Zaidis for rejecting him

ويسير إلى الكوفة، فيخرج منها ستة عشر ألفا من البترية، شاكين في السلاح، قراء القرآن، فقهاء في الدين، قد قرحوا جباههم، وشمروا ثيابهم، وعمهم النفاق، وكلهم يقولون: يا بن فاطمة، ارجع لا حاجة لنا فيك. فيضع السيف فيهم على ظهر النجف عشية الاثنين من العصر إلى العشاء، فيقتلهم أسرع من جزر جزور، فلا يفوت منهم رجل، ولا يصاب من أصحابه أحد، دماؤهم قربان إلى الله. ثم يدخل الكوفة فيقتل مقاتليها حتى يرضى الله عز وجل
Imām al-Bāqir (as) has said: ''[Then he - Imām al-Mahdī] will set out towards Kufa, then from that city 16.000 people of al-Batriyyah will confront him, armed with weapons, reciters of Qur’an, Fuqaha of religion, their foreheads have sign of prostration, their faces are yellow due to fasting, but their aim is hypocrisy, all of them will say: O son of Fatimah (sa) go back, we do not need you, so he will confront them with sword in the back of Kufa, on Monday from noon to evening he will kill them faster than slaughtering the camels. So no one from them will remain and from the companions of Imām (as) no one will get harmed. Their blood is a sacrifice for Allah. Then he will enter Al-Kufa and with fight with its fighter so that Allah is pleased.'' Source: Dala'il al-Imamah by Ṭabarī al-Imami, page 239,

Imam Zayd (as) Reprimands Rafidah For Attributing Tabara toward the Sahaba

When Imam Zayd (AS) heard a man narrating that his father Zaynul Abideen (AS) made tabarra upon Abu Bakr & Umar, Imam Zayd (AS) said,
"Do not lie upon my father!" Page 141 of the Companions According to Az-Zaydiyyah. Reference taken from Tahqiq fi At-Takfir wa At-Tafsiq of Imam Yahya bin Hamzah (AS).
It is not from the methodology of Zaydis to revile nor curse Abu Bakr & Umar. Any who does this is off of the methodology of Ahl al-Bayt according to the consensus of the Imams who themselves did not curse them, from Imam Ali (AS) to Imam Majduddin Al-Mu'ayydi (AS).

Rafidah Say Prophet Adam (as) did not Testify to the Waliyah of the 12 imams

Sura TaaHaa Ayah 115"And certainly We took a covenant from Adam before, but he forgot; and We did not find in him any firm resolve."
Imam Muhammad Baqir (asws) said, "And certainly We gave a covenant to Adam before, but he forgot" refers to the taking of an oath from Adam (as) regarding Muhammad (saw) and the Imams (asws) after Him but Adam (as) was negligent in His oath. Adam (as) did not have the "firm resolve" to recognize the true status of Muhammad (saw) and the Imams (asws). The reason behind giving the title of Olil Azm (owners of the "firm resolve") to the five Olil Azm messengers is that Allah took an oath from Them regarding Muhammad (saw), His Successors and al Mahdi (atfs). They, the five Olil Azm, testified to this oath with "a firm resolve" they accepted the oath as the truth." (Al Kafi vol 1 pg 416, Tafseer Qummi Second Edition pg 65)
Abu Hamza narrates
Imam Muhammad Baqir (asws) said, "Allah took a covenant from the prophets and said, "Am I not your Lord?" The prophets replied, "Yes. You are". Allah asked, "Is Muhammad (saw) not My Messenger? Is Ali (asws) not Ameerul Momineen (asws)? Are His Successors not the authorities appointed by Me? Are They not the keepers of My knowledge? Is al Mahdi (atfs) not the one with whom I will support My religion? Is He not the one through whom I will spread My government? Is he not the one through whom I will avenge My enemies? Is he not the one through whom the people will worship Me, willingly or unwillingly?" The prophets replied, "We believe in this covenant and we testify to this, O'our Lord". Imam Muhammad Baqir (asws) then said, "Adam (as) did not deny this covenant but He did not testify to it. Therefore the religion was announced through the five messengers who testified in al Mahdi (atfs). However Adam (as) did not have the "firm resolve" to testify. This is the meaning of this ayah." (Tafseer al Burhan vol 5 pg 191, Taweel al Ayat al Dhahira pg 313)
Sura Furqaan Ayah 26
“The kingdom on that day shall rightly belong to the Beneficent Allah, and a hard day shall it be for the unbelievers.”
Ali bin Asbaat narrates from some of Our companions, “The kingdom” belongs to Allah on “that day” and on every other day but the above ayah refers to the rising of al Mahdi (atfs) when everyone will worship Allah.” (Taweel al Ayat al Dhahira pg 369)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Who gave dawah to Uthman bin Mazun (ra) ?

In a reply to Imam Ali (as) naming his children after the 3 calipahs, the 12er reply to one of the points by quoting this tradition.
Abul Faraj Isfahani (d.356) records in Maqatilut Tallbiyyin in Vol 1 page 23 and Allamah Majlisii in Bihar al Anwar in vol 45 page 38 Imam Ali a.s said: "I named my son on the name of my brother, Uthman bin Mazun"
Okay let's accept this as a fact. Now my question is who gave dawah to Uthman bin Mazun? The answer is simple. It was the 1st Calipah Abi Bakr

Iran 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners Under Khomeini

I noticed many 12ers are very critical when it come to the actions of the 3 Calipahs, but when it comes to Khomeini or Khamenei they are very silent. Here is a clip which covers the 1988 massacre against political prisoners. They prisoners were tortured to death.

12er Shia Sayyed Ayad Jamal Aldin Survives An Assassination Encounter by Iran

Shaykh Tusi Said Imam Ali (as) Forbade Muta under Taqiyyah

In many of these sources, and in Shi'i sources as well, the words: 'on the day of the Battle of Khaybar' are added. The Shi'i report that the great Shi'i ulama' such as al-Shaykh al Tusi considered this saying authentic but maintained that 'Ali was practicing taqiyya or 'dissimulation' when he uttered it-i.e., he was hiding the true situation in order to protect himself. (Wasa'il, IV, 441, hadith 32.)