Monday, November 28, 2011 was not Hacked

The attack on shiachat was not done through a hack.

Valley Of The Wolves Palestine 2011 with Eng subtitles

Here is the trailer for anyone who wants to see what this movie is about.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

If Bibi Ayesha (ra) Is Not Your Mother Then You are Kaffir

A lot of 12er Shias when having historical discussions state "that Bibi Ayesha (ra) is not our mother, but our mother is Bibi Fatima (sa)." On the contrary, Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) when he debated with the Khawarij , he convinced them that the Muslims can't be taken as captives of war, and that Bibi Ayesha (ra) was the mother of believers. On top of that he added whoever states that Bibi Ayesha (ra) is not the mother of believer is a kaffir.

When the Khawarij split Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) wanted to guide them. At first Imam Ali (as) didn't want him to go, but then he told him to go ahead.

One occasion when his formidable powers of persuasion was used was during the caliphate of Ali. A large number of supporters of Ali in his stand against Muawiyah had just deserted him. Abdullah ibn Abbas went to Ali and requested permission to speak to them. Ali hesitated fearing that Abdullah would be in danger at their hands but eventually gave way on Abdullahs optimism that nothing untoward would happen.

Wow! Even Imam Ali (as) himself at feared that extremist were not worth the time. This applies to extremist today who do takfir against the sahaba and other Muslims.

When Abdullah ibn Abbas (ra) defended Bibi Ayesha (ra) here is how he replied.

As for your statement that Ali fought and did not take prisoners of war as the Prophet did, do you really desire to take your mother Aishah as a captive and treat her as fair game in the way that captives are treated? If your answer is Yes, then you have fallen into kufr (disbelief). And if you say that she is not your mother, you would also have fallen into a state of kufr for Allah, Glorified and Exalted is He, has said: The Prophet is closer to the believers than their own selves and his wives are their mothers (entitled to respect and consideration). (The Quran, Surah al-Ahzab, 34:6).

Now some 12ers might say but Bibi Ayesha (ra) was wrong. Yes, we know she was wrong in his opposition, but this did not mount to kufr. If it did then she wouldn't be treated as a Muslim.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shaykh Saduq believed Hisham ibn Hakam was a Mujassim (Anthropmorphist)

My last post on Hisham ibn Hikam consisted of a few narrations from Al Kafi which proved him to be a Mujassim. Many 12er Shia scholars felt very uncomfortable with this standpoint, and they decided to weaken all the reports which suggested a misguided view on their chief. However, I decided to visit a friend who managed to have a copy of Shaykh Saduq’s book Kitab al Tawid which is translated by Syed Ali Raza Rizvi. I turned to chapter six which is titled Innahu Laysa bi-Jism wa-la-Surah, I read pages 181-194 and to my surprised Shaykh Saduq relied on such traditions which proved the chief of the 12ers Shia Hisham ibn Hakam to be an Mujasim (Anthropmorphist).

Here are all the traditions Shaykh Saduq quotes cites in his book on Tawhid.

H 280, Ch. 11, h 5
Ali ibn Muhammad, in a marfu‘ manner, has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Faraj al-
Rukhkhaji who has said the following. "I wrote to Imam abu al-Hassan (a.s.), about the words of Hisham ibn al-Hakam, about the body and the words of Hisham ibn Salim about the form (of Allah). He wrote in reply, ‘Remove from thyself the confusion of the confounded people and seek refuge from Allah against Shaytan (Satan). What the two Hishams have said is not correct. (al Kafi)

The translator places a note claiming that this ahadith is rated marfu in traditional sciences. Next he tells the reader to refer to the commentary of Usul al –Kafi by Mawla Salil Mazindarani vol 3 pg288

H 276, Ch. 11, h 1
Ahmad ibn Idris has narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Jabbar from Safwan ibn Yahya from Ali ibn abu Hamzah, who has said the following.
"I stated before abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) that I have heard Hisham ibn al-Hakam quoting you that Allah is a body of Self-subsisting nature and is from light. He can very clearly be recognized and He bestows such knowledge to whoever among His creatures He wills." The Imam said,
"Glorious is He, Whom no one knows how He is except He Himself. There is no one similar to Him and He is All-hearing, All-seeing. He cannot be limited, nor can He be felt or touched or moved. Eyes cannot see Him nor any of the senses can comprehend Him. He cannot be contained in anything, nor has He any body or form or figure or confine." (al-Kafi)

Ali bin Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Imran al Daqqaq said: Muhammad ibn Abu Abd allah al Kufi said: Muhammad ibn Ismail al Barmaki said: on the authority of al-Husyan ibn al Hasan, and al Husayn ibn Ali on the authority of Salih ibn Abu Hammad, on the authority of Abd Allah ibn Al Mughayrah, on the authority of Muhammad ibn Ziyad said: I heard Yunus ibn Zabyan say

I entered in the presence of Abu Abdullah al Sadiq (as) and told him:
Hisham ibn al Hakam made a long statement. I will simply summarize it. He considers Allah to be a body because things are two types: bodies and actions of bodies. Hence, if it not possible for the Creator to be an action, it is only possible that he is Doer.

Then Abu Abdullah (as) replied: “Woe to him! Does he not know that a body and an image is extremely limited. Hence, if a limit is possible then increase and decrease are possible, then He is created.”

Ali bin Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Imran al Daqqaq said: Muhammad ibn Abu Abd allah al Kufi said: Muhammad ibn Ismail al Barmaki said: on the authority of Ali bin Al Abbas, on the authority of al-Hasan ibn Abd Al-Rahman al Hammani that
I said to Abu Al Hasan Musa ibn Jafar (as), Hisham ibn Al Hakam thinks that Allah is a body. There is nothing whatsoever like unto Him, the All-Knowing, the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing, the Omnipotent, the Speaker, and the Communicator. Speech, Omnipotence and Knowledge flow from the One same source, None of these things are created.

Imam Musa Al Kazim (as) replied “May Allah Kill Him (Hisham ibn Hakam) ! Does he not know that a body is limited, and the speech is other than then the speaker? Allah forbid, I am free from such words. He is devoid of both body and image. He has no limits, and everything other than Him is created. Verily, everything that exists is the result of his Will and Intent which is expressed without words, the use of the tongue, or any reluctance or hesitation.

Muhammad ibn Musa ibn Al Mutawakkil said “Ali ibn Ibrahim ibn Hishim said on the authority of his father, on the authority of al Saqr ibn [Abu] Dulaf that
I asked Abu Al Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali Ibn Musa Al Rida (ra) about Divine unity: Verily, I say what Hisham ibn Al Hakam said:
So he (as) became angry and said:
What is the matter with you and Hisham ? Indeed, he is not from us who thinks that Allah the Mighty and High has a body. We are free from such a person in this world, and in the Hereafter. On son of [Abu ] Dulaf! Verily, the body is created and Allah is its Creator.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Early Opposition of Ammar ibn Yassir (ra) by the Rafidah

Of course the 12r Shia definition of Sahaba evolved over time, and it continues to evolve. However, here is a classical narration of the 12r Shia which opposes Ammar ibn Yassir (ra).

H 2313, CH 96, h 6

A number of our people have narrated from Sahl ibn Ziyad from Muhammad ibn ‘Uramah from al-Nadr from Yahya ibn abu Khalid al-Qammat from Humran ibn ‘Ayun who has said the following:

“Once I asked abu Ja’far, recipient of divine supreme covenant, ‘May Allah keep my soul in service for your cause, how small is our number! It is so small that all combined feasting on a goat cannot finish it.’ The Imam asked, ‘Do you want to hear more astonishing things? The immigrants (Muslim of Makkah) and supporters (Muslim of Madina) all went (to abu Bakr).’ He (the Imam) pointed with his hands, ‘except three, (Salman, abu Dhar and Miqdad) who remained as true supporters of Amir al- Mu’minin (Ali ibn abu Talib, recipient of divine supreme covenant).’ I (Humran) then asked, ‘May Allah keep my soul in service for your cause, what about ‘Ammar?’ The Imam said, ‘May Allah grant him favors, the alert man pledged allegiance (to abu Bakr) but he died as a martyr.’ I (Humran) then said to myself that there is nothing better than martyrdom. The Imam looked at me and said, ‘Perhaps you thought he was like one of the three. That is far remote from reality. (al-Kafi) ’”

Imam Jafar (as) Could Not Even Find 17 Imami Shias During His Era ?

I posted this clip a few years back, and now I found a reference to the above clip.

H 2311, CH 96, h 4

Muhammad ibn al-Hassan and Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Bandar have narrated from Ibrahim ibn Ishaq from ‘Abd Allah ibn Hammad al-Ansari from Sadir al- Sayrafi who has said the following:

“Once I went in the presence of abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, and said, ‘By Allah, it is your obligation not to sit (without proclaiming your leadership).’ The Imam asked, ‘Why O Sadir?’ I said, ‘Because your friends, Shi’a (followers) and supporters are so many. By Allah, were Amir al-Mu’minin (Ali ibn abu Talib), recipient of divine supreme covenant, to have that many Shi’a (followers) as your Shi’a, friends and supporters, no one of the tribe of Tamim or ‘Ady could dare to disturb him.’ The Imam said, ‘O Sadir, how many do you think they are?’ I said, ‘One hundred thousand.’ The Imam said, ‘One hundred thousand!’ I said, ‘Yes, in fact, they are up to two hundred thousand, and I said, ‘Half of the world (population) is your Shi’a.’

“The narrator has said that the Imam remained calm and then said, ‘Is it possible to come with us to Yanbu’?’ I said, ‘It is fine with me.’ He then asked to bring a donkey and a mule already saddled. I hurried to ride the donkey and he said, ‘O Sadir, can you consider to allow me ride the donkey?’ I said, ‘The mule is more beautiful and noble.’ He said, ‘The donkey is friendlier for me.’ I then dismounted and he rode the donkey and I rode the mule. We traveled until it was time for prayer. He said, ‘O Sadir, dismount and we should pray.’ Then he said, ‘This ground is soft, prayer is not permissible here.’ We moved to a red ground and he looked to a boy who shepherded goats. He said, ‘O Sadir, were I to have as many Shi’a (followers) as the number of these goats, then it would not have been permissible for me to sit (without proclaiming my leadership).’ We dismounted and prayed. When we finished the prayer I turned to the goats and counted them. There were seventeen heads of goats in the flock.’” (al-Kafi)