Saturday, October 3, 2009

They Are Shia And Nasabi Among Animals, Plants and Fruits too

Also, from Shaykh Mufid book ""Kitab al Irshad: The Book of Guidance" where it is report:

The waters of the Euphrates overflowed and grew so big that the people of Kufa became anxious about drowning. They resorted to the Commander of the Faithful (peace be upon him). He rode out on the mule of the Apostle of God (may God bless him and his family), and the people went with him until he reached the banks of the Euphrates. He, peace be upon him, dismounted and performed the ritual ablution and prayed alone, by himself while the people watched him. Then he called on God with prayers which most of them heard. He went toward the Euphrates, leaning on a stick which was in his hand. He struck the surface of the water with it and said: "Abate, with God's permission and His will".

The waters sank so that the fish at the bottom (of the flood) appeared. Many of them greeted him with the title of the Commander of the Faithful. However, some kinds of fish did not speak. They were eels, a scaleless fish (marmaliq) and mudfish (zumar). The people were amazed at that and they asked for the reason that the ones that spoke spoke and the ones who were silent were silent. He said: "God made those fish which were ritually pure speak to me and he kept those silent towards me which were forbidden, impure and worse." (p263)

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