Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yasser Habib Discourages Taqiyyah in Debates

The 12er Shia Imams  in the 12er Shia books are the Imams of hate. Therefore, Yasser al Habib attributed a hadith to the Prophet (pbuh) where he supposedly hit Ayesha. He was even corrected by the 12ers, yet he refused to accept the correct view. The man is waiting for the 12th Imam to come and resurrect Ayesha and take revenge. So he refused to be corrected.

Aside from that full respect goes to this man for encouraging dozners to speak the truth openly. I've come across his type of 12ers, and we actually got along very well. Whereas the deceptive taqiyyah based 12ers have angered and frustrated me with their lies and deception. Yes, 12ers your taqiyyah is dangerous and I do find it a threat. Ibn Al Alqami even allowed Iraq to be destroyed with this treacherous behavior.   This attack included Imam Ali's (as) shrine to damaged.

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