Wednesday, January 18, 2017

12er Shia Scholar Shaykh Mohammed al Husayn al Muazaffar Says Imam Jafar Did Not Claim Imamate Due to Fear!

He first denies that Imam Zayd (as) claimed Imamate, but goes a step further and says Imam Jafar (as) did not claim Imamate due to Fear. Here is what he writes in his book Imam Al Sadiq (as):
Some traditions were attributed to him showing that he requested the Imamate for himself. But the reason in them is very clear, because alSadiq, peace be on him, was afraid the authority of the Omayyads would relate Zaid’s revolt to him, so they would punish him, his family, and his followers (ShT’a) for that crime. So he drove away that danger with that attribution (Imam Al Sadiq, al-Muzaffar Pg 51)

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