Thursday, January 19, 2017

Imam Zayd (as) Reprimands Rafidah For Attributing Tabara toward the Sahaba

When Imam Zayd (AS) heard a man narrating that his father Zaynul Abideen (AS) made tabarra upon Abu Bakr & Umar, Imam Zayd (AS) said,
"Do not lie upon my father!" Page 141 of the Companions According to Az-Zaydiyyah. Reference taken from Tahqiq fi At-Takfir wa At-Tafsiq of Imam Yahya bin Hamzah (AS).
It is not from the methodology of Zaydis to revile nor curse Abu Bakr & Umar. Any who does this is off of the methodology of Ahl al-Bayt according to the consensus of the Imams who themselves did not curse them, from Imam Ali (AS) to Imam Majduddin Al-Mu'ayydi (AS).

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