Sunday, November 1, 2009

Failing to Recognize the Imam Equals Jahiliyah ?

If the Imam of the time is the 12th imam then why was Al Khoie jahil when it came to smoking ? The 12rs can say he didn't know about the issue. Well okay if he was jahil about it then it was the duty of 12th Imam to prevent it. Also, I've done some research on the Sikh faith even their faith being a non Muslim one condemns smoking. The Sikh faith is 500 years old and the rules of the Kalsa are 300 years old. I mean this case really required aql, but what happened for the Al Khoei ? Neither the 12th Imam was able to save him from this Jahiliyah nor was his aql enough to save him. If the 12rs claim that I misunderstood the ahadith about the requirement of preventing jahiliyah then in that case I would have to say that saying the Kalma is enough for Ahle Sunnah.

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