Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Khamenei was chosen as Iran Supreme

The 12rs criticize Hz Abi Bakr (ra) for suggesting that Umar (ra) should be the next calipah of the Ummah. However, the Islamic state of Iran has followed the same method as well when it came to appointing the next ruler. Before Khomeini died he appointed Khamenei to be his successor as well.


  1. I expected better from you - considering you are well aware in regards to the Shia position on Imamat [divinely guided]. You forget the fact that even when you say Khamenei was appointed - we still don't deny the fact that there is still the 12th Imam who was appointed and chosen by Allah (swt).

  2. I excepted better from Khameini who calls himself shia, yet he got away with something like this.