Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shia Dream Narrations About How Bibi Fatima Died

What an amazing method to bring proof and find out if you are syed. Dream narrations are okay, but they are not strong evidence. As for the crying in the end, even the Yahoodi are good at that. Ask them about the holocaust and they were narrate you the events with their emotions. In fact, let's not forget how Muawiyah cried for Uthmaan (ra) death, so the people of Syria turn emotional and fight against Imam Ali (as).


  1. Are you suggesting that the crying at the end is some how fake and politically motivated? That a person can not cry genuinely? Are you suggesting that every time a Shia cries in a majlis, it is fake and that it is "easy" to pull off? There is a major difference between the crying of Muawiyah and the certain Yahood over the holocaust, which is that those that cry many a times either experienced some of the incidents first hand, or the victims were their close ones and they saw what had happened to them. The major difference here is that, we have neither seen Fatima (sa) and have only studied what had happened to her 1400 years ago. Are you telling me a random Jew historian will read up the history of the holocaust and when he narrates it he will start crying and that the audience will start crying? I have personally never seen that happen, even in the most emotional of tales that are narrated by the Jews.

  2. if it wasnt for the sacrifice that Imam Hussein made on the day of Ashura, then you wouldnt be calling yourself a muslim right now. He saved Islam with his blood so why shouldnt we cry about his sacrifice?

  3. Dear Naqvi,
    I don't believe Imam Ali (as) is coward. That is the reality. It is hard for me to believe that he would just stand there allowing his wife to be killed. I mean even Yazid couldn't harm Bibi Zaineb (sa) yet you 12rs believe such foolish stories.
    To Sarah,
    Imam Hussain (as) is the imam of Sunnis too. Just because we don't cut ourselves and drain 100 of liters of blood it doesn't mean we don't love our Imam (as).