Wednesday, August 17, 2011

12r Shia Lies Against Imam Abu Hanifa (ra)

The 12rs Shia nowadays are using questionable non-Shia sources to advance their opposition against Imam Abu Hanifa (ra). However, when we look into their source we can discover the reason why they have to rely on another school.

Also, here is what brother Inshallah an Admin posted on shiachat.

Your argument is like that of Abu Hanifa, once upon a time. That is, if I beat the hell out of you, I can claim in an Islamic court that it is not my fault since it was pre-destined and the will of Allah. You are ignoring historical references and introducing "fate" as an argument to prove your point. Feel free to do so but it holds no ground in an intellectual argument.

The above belief is not a belief of Abu Hanifa (ra), but a lie fabricated by the 12r Shia sect.

Here is Abu Hanifa's ra view on man's action.
Abu Hanifa used to deal with this question in a restrained way. He believed in the decree of good and evil and the comprehensiveness of Allah’s knowledge, will and power in created beings. None of aperson’s actions are independent of Allah’s will even though man’s acts of obedience and disobedience are ascribed to him and he has choice and will in respect of them. He will be questioned and accountable forthem. He will not be wronged the weight of an atom. This is the Qur’anic dogma which is derived from Book.He debated with the Qadarites to cut them off. (Abu Hanifa, Abu Zahara)

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