Wednesday, August 17, 2011

12r Shia Required To Rely on Fallibles such as Zararah b Ayan Sheibani

In many debates, the 12r point out areas where Sunni personalities have shown the Ahlul Bayt (as) to be the most superior leaders on earth. One example is where Umar (ra) says if it wasn`t for Ali I would have been ruined. Another areas is where Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) says `If it wasn`t for my two years with Jafar I would have been ruined. Now these saying are true, but the 12r use these quotation to prove the Sunni aqeeda wrong. They say this is proof that we shouldn`t depend on anyone but the imams to transmit knowledge of Islam. They further add these imams are infallible so it is wrong to follow anyone else.

On the contrary, when you dig up 12r Shia sources you realize that they don`t have any direct books from the imams themselves. Look at the Jafari fiqh itself it depends on various different books and hypothesis of the shia scholars to derive fiqhi ruling. Then from this ruling we have contradiction in areas such as Kalma, Khumms, Taqiyyah, Tabarra, Takfir, Jumah & Namaz Eid Namaz, Azaan, Mattam, Jihad etc. All these areas, have contradictions within one school of thought. Anyway, aside for these ruling, we discover from a 12r Shia perspective `the infallible` imams depended on fallible students to spread Islam. Among the famous traditions in the 12r shia sect, we encounter a strong praise of one of the chiefs of the 12rs Zararah bin Ayan Shebani. When we look into his status the 6th imam says without him Shia Islam would be perished. Below is an extract from the 12r Shia sources.

Zararah b. Ayan Sheibani, was one of the chief companions of Imam Baqir [a] and Imam Al-Sadiq [a]. He was so respected and trustworthy that Imam Al-Sadiq [a] said: If this man, Zararah did not exist my traditions would have been lost. (Rejal-Kashi, Wasa'il Shiah v.18, Monlahal Amal, v.2. Pg. 871).

I was always told that the number of imams in the 12r sect were 12. Yet here we see even after reaching half a dozen imams, the deen of Shia Islam had to spread by fallible. You would think the full responsibility would be left to the imams numbering 7-11. Yet the 6th imam supposedly predicts with his unseen knowledge that its not the case.

Next, the 12rs tell us we should only follow a dozen imams, and nobody else. Yet in another famous tradition the 6th imams supposedly says to do taqleed of Zurara bin Ayan. The 6th imam tells ` Yunus ibn Ammar: "Whatever Zararah has quoted through Imam Baqir [a], it is not lawful for us to refute it.`

With this tradition above saying it does not even leave room for a Muslim to apply aql toward the naql from Zararah.

After my experience with the 12rs, I have come to a conclusion that when a 12r tells us to accept Shia Islam and follow Ahlul Bayt (as), this is not the reality of the sect. In reality when one accept 12r Shia islam, they are following an Islam which is transmitted and interpreted most of the time by non-Ahlul Bayt members such as Al-Kulayni, ibn Babawaih, al-’Ukbari, Tusi, Hilli, Al-Majlisi, etc.. ( the four books). This projection presented by the 12rs is not definitive path of Islam, but an limited interpretation of who the Ahlul Bayt were from another perspective.

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