Saturday, July 19, 2014

12er Shia Aren't The Only Tomb Crawlers

I started watching a show called Breaking Bad. It turns out that this crawling ritual isn't only done by Dozeners in Iraq. It also done by Catholics in Mexico too.

Refer to the clip below.

In Mexico, the practice of Catholicism among the poor and desperate often involved crawling long distances on one's knees or tying thorny cactus paddles to one's bare back or making promises of future penance if God's favors were received.
Although these sacrifices were not sanctioned by the Catholic Church in Rome, they continued among people who knew of no other imaginable way to change their luck.
It makes sense, then, that when the cult of the Santa Muerte sprang up among Mexicans who are still poor, still desperate in different ways and for different reasons, worship would take on familiar forms.

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