Saturday, July 19, 2014

Futile Attempt by 12er of Denying the Imamate of Imam Zayd (as)

So the Dozen censors the first part and doesn't even realize that supporting the second part makes him look even more foolish.

In his "Miratul uqul" (2/278) Majlisi wrote:

و اعلم أن الأخبار في حال زيد مختلفة، ففي بعضها ما يدل على أنه ادعى الإمامة فيكون كافرا، و في كثير منها أنه كان يدعو إلى الرضا من آل محمد
"And know that narrations about condition of Zayd are different, and in some of them is proof that he claimed imamate and become kaafir, and in many of them stated that he was calling to ar-Ridah from family of Mohammad..".

The 12er Shia claim that Imam Zayd (as) did not claim Imamate. There are many narration they use to defend their sect, but if we  focus on this narration which states that Imam Zayd did not claim Imamate, and only opened a way for Al Rida among the Ahlul Bayt it makes no sense.
Al Rida is the 8th Imam who didn't even exist in the lifetime of Imam Zayd (as).

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