Saturday, July 19, 2014

Imam Ali (as) Respects Ayesha (ra) for the Aqira too ?

It  seems like the 12ers are so caught up in their hatred against the sahaba, that they are not willing to follow what Imam Ali (as) says. They say that Imam Ali (as) only put up with the sahaba because he was forced, and this was only in dunya. In another words it was all taqiiyah.

However, in Nahj Al Balagha Imam Ali (as) says he will respect Ayesha (ra) in the aqira as well.

(As for me), even hereafter she will be allowed her original respect, while the reckoning (of her misdeeds) is an obligation on Allah. (Najh Al Balagha,  Sermon 155)

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