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The Chief of the 12r Shia Hisham ibn Hakam Was Among the Mujassima (Anthropomorphist)

The biggest disease among the Wahabiya is that their scholars are among the Mujassima and the Nawasib. After my daily research it turns out that the 12r Shia also have giants who also suffer from the same disease. The main chief of the 12r Shia was a Mujassim in reality. I have read some texts from the orientalist who sited some sources, but a few days ago I opened up al Kafi, and to my surprise it has provides many narrations that shows Hisham ibn Hakam to be an anthropomorphism.

H 276, Ch. 11, h 1
Ahmad ibn Idris has narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Jabbar from Safwan ibn Yahya from Ali ibn abu Hamzah, who has said the following.
"I stated before abu ‘Abdallah (a.s.) that I have heard Hisham ibn al-Hakam quoting you that Allah is a body of Self-subsisting nature and is from light. He can very clearly be recognized
and He bestows such knowledge to whoever among His creatures He wills." The Imam said,
"Glorious is He, Whom no one knows how He is except He Himself. There is no one similar to Him and He is All-hearing, All-seeing. He cannot be limited, nor can He be felt or touched or moved. Eyes cannot see Him nor any of the senses can comprehend Him. He cannot be contained in anything, nor has He any body or form or figure or confine." (al-Kafi)

H 279, Ch. 11, h 4
Muhammad ibn Abu ‘Abdallah has narrated from those he mentioned from Ali ibn al-‘Abbass from Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn abu Nasr from Muhammad ibn Hakim. He has said that I explained to abu Ibrahim (Musa al-Kazim (a.s.), the words of Hisham ibn Salim al-Jawaliqi
and the words of Hisham ibn al-Hakam that say Allah is a body. The Imam (a.s.) said, "Allah, the Most High, is not similar to any of the things. What can be more blasphemous and scandalous than to describe the Creator of all things by means of body, form, type of creation, limitations, limbs and organs. Allah, the Most High, the Great, is far above these things. (ibid)"

H 280, Ch. 11, h 5
Ali ibn Muhammad, in a marfu‘ manner, has narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Faraj al-
Rukhkhaji who has said the following. "I wrote to Imam abu al-Hassan (a.s.), about the words of Hisham ibn al-Hakam, about the body and the words of Hisham ibn Salim about the form (of Allah). He wrote in reply, ‘Remove from thyself the confusion of the confounded people and seek refuge from Allah against Shaytan (Satan). What the two Hishams have said is not correct.’ (ibid)"

H 282, Ch. 11, h 7
Muhammad ibn abu ‘Abdallah has narrated from Muhammad ibn Isma‘il from Ali ibn al-‘Abbass from al-Hassan ibn ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Hammani who has said the following. "I said to abu al-Hassan Musa ibn Ja‘far (a.s.), ‘Hisham ibn al-Hakam claims that Allah is a body like unto Whom there is no one. He is All-knowing, All-hearing, All-seeing, Allpowerful. He speaks and reasons. His word, His power, His knowledge are all in one. No one of them is created.’" The Imam said, "May Allah be his foe. Does he not know that the body is limited, and that the speech is other than what the speaker is? I seek refuge from Allah and I disclaim such words. Allah does not have a body, form or any kind of limitations. Allah has created everything. He creates things as and when He wills without any word or planing in the
mind or utterance of the tongue. (ibid)"

H 283, Ch. 11, h 8
Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from Muhammad ibn ‘Iisa from Yunus from Muhammad ibn Hakim who has said the following.
"I mentioned to abu al-Hassan al-Awwal (the first) (a.s.), the statements of Hisham al- Jawaliqi and what he says about fully grown up young man (see Hadith 3 Chapter on prohibited Attributes). I also mentioned the statements of Hisham ibn al-Hakam in this matter." The Imam said, "Allah, certainly, is not similar to any thing. (ibid)"

As for the Nasibi belief of the 12rs; they do takfir on any children of Bibi Fatima (sa) who were not among the list of 12 imams and declared imamate.

Now the 12rs do not follow Hisham ibn Hakam`s view of tawheed. On the contrary, he is ironically still considered among the best companions of Imam Sadiq (as). In order to be a 12r Shia you must accept Hisham to be among the saleheen. However, when a Sunni praises a Sahabi the 12r blood starts boiling and it internally forces him/her to send lanaa on that sahabi. The reality behind all this is the 12r don`t care about what occurred in history. If you reject the concept of divine appointment within the 12 imams you are condemned by their community. Just follow up on Hassanian Rajabali`s lectures on Sunnis. You will hear him say `I don`t care` many times. Unless he gets an area to abuse the sahaba, he will not care to go into details.

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