Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sheik Toosi's Taqiyyah Toward Ziarate Ashura

The Sheik’s Debate in the Caliph’s Court:

In recognition of the erudition of Sheik Toosi, the Caliph of Banu Abbas had gifted him with an ornate chair. This created envy in the minds of the scholars of the other school at the court and they started fearing that the Shias of Ahl al Bayt (a.s) might thus dominate Baghdad and one day come into the power. The first step they took was to start a whispering campaign to turn the caliph against Sheik Toosi. They told him that the person who was enjoying his favor was against the companions of the Prophet (s.a) and that he spoke ill of them. He once asked them to give a proof of the Sheik’s actions. Therefore they presented to him a book written by Sheik Toosi titled, “Al Misbah”. This book contains prayers and supplications for the entire year. They opened the page on which the “Ziarate Ashura” was written. This Ziarat has reached us through the Sixth Imam (a.s) and is recited on the 10th of Maharrum to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s). At the beginning of the Ziarat it is said:

“Allahumma khus anta awwal zaalim btl-laan minni wa abdan behi awwalansumma al-Taani summa al-Taalit war Rabeh

“O Allah! My curse on the First, on the Second, on the Third and on the Fourth”

When the caliph saw the content of the Ziarat in Al Misbah, he called Sheik Toosi to his presence. He reached the court. The caliph of the time, Al Qaim Billah, pointed towards the first lines of the ziarat and asked him who were the four persons being cursed therein. Sheik Toosi asked him who had created a misapprehension in his mind? He further added that he had mentioned the truth through the writing of the Imam (a.s) that his curse on the First, the Second, the Third and the Fourth. He elaborated saying that the First cruel one was Qaabeel who killed his own brother Haabeel. The Second cruel one was the person who severed the rein of the she—camel of Hazrat Saleh (a.s) and earned the wrath of Allah. The Third cruel one was the assassin of Hazrat Yahya bin Zakariya(a.s), who, just to please a dancing girl, severed the head of Hazrat Yahya (a.s) and placed in a tray to present it to her.The Fourth cruel person was Abd ar Rehman ibne Muljim who was the assassin of Hazrat Amir al Momineen (a.s). The caliph was convinced with the argument of Sheik Toosi. He angrily asked the persons who brought the book to his presence. He ordered severe punishment for those persons. With his prudence and presence of mind, Sheik Toosi was able to ward off a calamity for himself and for his friends. His adversaries now started a propaganda campaign with the populace in Baghdad against Sheik Toosi.

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