Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ibn abu ’Umayr Loses Respect for Hisham ibn Al Hakam

Ali ibn Ibrahim has narrated from al-Sarriy ibn al-Rabi‘ who has said the following. "Ibn abu ’Umayr would not consider anyone a match of Hisham ibn al-Hakam in anything. He would not miss meeting him. However, their relations at a time stood at a distance. The reason for this was the emergence of diffirences between ibn abu ‘Umayr and and abu Malik al-Hadrami, a friend of Hisham, over the issue of Imamat. Ibn abu ‘Umayr had said that the whole world belongs to the Imam in the form of property and ownership and that he has more authority over it than those who have certain parts of it in their possession. Abu Malik had said that it is not as such. The peoples properties belong to them except what Allah has given to the Imam in the form of windfall profits and one fifth taxes or interests. Such properties belong to the Imam and Allah has instructed him how to spent them and what to do with them. They agreed to ask Hisham to settle the differences. They went to Hisham but he supported the idea of abu Malik. Ibn abu ‘Umayr became angry and distanced himself from Hisham thereafter." (al Kafi)

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