Thursday, August 13, 2009

Extreme Love and Hate Toward Imam Ali (as)

A group of people came to Imam Ali (as) and told him that he is a God. Nauzbillah! Imam Ali (as) told this extreme group that they were committing shirk with this belief, and that they had one day to repent and become Muslims again. However, the next day these extreme lovers refused to change their minds and kept their opinion. As a result, Imam Ali (as) decided to burn them after issuing many warnings.

Another Group of Extreme of Lovers said Jibrael Ameen made a mistake by giving the message to the Prophet (sawas) instead of Imam Ali (as). This belief was another form of shirk.

Both these extreme groups were not Muslims. They called themselves shias but they were kaffir in reality. Now just because these extremists existed and called themselves shias that doesn't mean all shias have the same belief or that all shias are kaffir. The extreme among the shias were a very small minority and they do not represent the majority of Muslims or even shias. They majority of the shia sects that exist today are categorized as Al Zaydia, Itna Asharee and Ismailiyah. These shias sects do not hold such blasphemous beliefs which are mentioned above.


Now let us focus on the other side of extremist. This side isn't hardly discussed in our society. They are known as al Nawasib. Nawasib are those who hate or dislike Imam Ali (as). The Prophet (sawas) warned us against this other form of extremist as well. According to a sahih hadith in found Imam Nasai Sunan Imam Ali (as) narrated "In truth the Prophet has made a covenant with me saying: ‘None loves you except a believer, and none hates you except a hypocrite." Abu Sa`id al-Khudri subsequently said: "In truth we recognized the hypocrites by their hatred for `Ali." Jabir said: "We did not know the hypocrites of this Community except by their hatred for `Ali." (Sunan An-Nasai)

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