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The Signs of Nasabis Who Are Hidden Among the Sunnis

Syed Ninowy exposes the Nisabis that are found among the Sunnis. The Nawasib are so corrupt that they try to inject their blasphemous views toward the Sunni Madhab. How do they do this?
They do this by giving us shaytaini inspirations. They tell the average Sunni to:
  • Prevent naming their children Ali, Hassan or Hussain
  • Not name their mosques after Imam Ali (as)
  • Not talk about Imam Ali (as) seerah or gives his examples
  • Not wear black cause that is a color which is restricted to the people of the shia sect
  • Not mention the merits of Imam Ali (as)
On top of that the Nisabis deny the merits of Imam Ali (as) which are graded as sahih.

The Nawasib in reality are not Sunnis. The reason is Sunnis believe in Imam Ali (as) as a guide and acknowledge his merits.

Syed Ninowy also points out the Nisabi leaning of Ibn

Ibn Tamiyah states

ابن تيمية في منهاج في الجزء الثالث في ص175

فإن عليا قاتل على الولاية وقتل بسبب ذلك خلق كثير عظيم ، ولم يحصل في ولايته لا قتال للكفار ولا فتح لبلادهم ، ولا كان المسلمون في زيادة خير

Taymiya says : Ali fought for politics and because of this scores were killed and nothing good happened in his rule, no war with kuffar, no gain of other lands and for moslims there was no 'khair' Good (in his reign) for Muslims (Minhaj as Sunnah)

This paragraph has a few things that Ibn Taymiya is saying:

1- That Imam Ali fought his wars for the sake of the chair, not for Islam, contrary to the multiple hadiths by the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam himself.

2- He blames Sayydina Ali for the death of the people who died in the battles. Which means: if we use Ibn Taymiya's logic: the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, is to blame for the killing of Sayidina Hamza!!!! and all the Shuhada of the companions (ra).

3-That in the Khilafa os Sayyidina Ali, no fighting of the Kuffar took place.
Remember a minute ago, he blamed sayyidina Ali for the people who fought for the Haqq, now he turns around and says why didn't you fight.

4- That in the Khilafa of Sayyidina Ali, no concurring of other lands happened.
Well, the Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, himself, stayed in macca 13 years spreading and teaching Islam, and not only didn't concur lands, he lost his home and land, and the Sahaba lost their homes and lands...

The Prophet, sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sallam, however, and Sayyidina Ali did concur the hearts of the those who love the Haqq, were on the Haqq, and supported the Haqq.

5- That during the Khilafa of Sayyidina Ali, Muslims did not increase in Khayr (goodness and prosperity).
What more Khayr do you want than to be able to look at the honorable face of Ali bin Abi Taleb. A look that is considered Ibada, an act of worship by itself!!!!!!
The Hadith is " looking at the face of Ali is ibadah", and Shaykh Ninowy said it was Saheeh, and its narrated in Musnad Ahmad.

Another narration by Ibn Taymiyya showing his flagrant Nasibi/yazidi ideology by negating the bounties (fazael) of Sayyidina Ali:

Ibn Taymiyya says in the "Minhaaj of "his" Sunnah" Vol.4/ page 86:
( the hadith that : {whosoever I am his Mawla, Ali is his mawla} is not in the authenic references, but it is the sayings of some scholars, and people disagreed in its authenticity).

Al-Albani (another salafi) refutes Ibn Tamiyah:
Al-Albani said in "his" (silsilah Saheehah) vol. 4 page 344, and vol. 5 page263-264 ( What is odd that shaykhul Islam ibn Taymiyya dares to deny this Hadith, and he rejected it in "minhaj as Sunnah"., and I don't really know the reason for such a denial to this Hadith (saheeh), except rushing and exxagerative refutation against the Shia).

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