Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Refuting Albani, Zakir Naik and the Nasabis

Here is a sahih hadith which expose Ummavi Government, which came to power after the Khulufa Rasid.

Volume 4, Book 56, Number 802:

Narrated Said Al-Umawi:
I was with Marwan and Abu Huraira and heard Abu Huraira saying, "I heard the trustworthy, truly inspired one (i.e. the Prophet ) saying, 'The destruction of my followers will be brought about by the hands of some youngsters from Quraish." Marwan asked, "Youngsters?" Abu Huraira said, "If you wish, I would name them: They are the children of so-and-so and the children of so-and-so." (al Bukhari)

This hadith openly refuted both Albani, Zakir Naik and the nawasib who believed that Yazid's rule shouldn't have been challeged.

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