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Tabarra (Character Assissination) from the 12r Shia

Whenever you ask the 12r shia/rafida if they curse the sahaba, they respond by saying we only curse those who deserved to be cursed or they say by sending lanaat its just a way of asking Allah (swt) to remove mercy from certain personalities. Now if there is a personality who 12r shia hate the most I would say its hz Umar (ra). The 12rs believe he is responsible for Bibi Fatima's (sa) death so they try to justify one reason to why they curse Hz Umar (ra). Now in my previous post I have talked about the orgins of Tabarra which started by Muawiyah and the Ummavi rulers after him. Muawiyah claimed that Uthmaan (ra) was unjustly killed so he justified why he cursed Imam Ali (as). He also claimed that Imam Ali (as) was unworthy of leadership and that he was jealous of the first 3 calipahs. Muawiyah writes his first letter to Imam Ali (as) saying:

The most in advice to Allah and His Messenger was his successor- that's in reference to Abi Bakr (radi Allahu anhu)- then the successor of his successor- that's in reference to Umar ibn Al Khattab (radi Allahu anhu), and then the 3rd successor who was killed without justice, Uthman. Muawiyah is saying to Ali. You were jealous of all of them- meaning these three successors to the Prophet- you have aggressed against all of them. We could tell that from the smirk on your face and from the words of division which you pronounced and the times of relief that you felt during their reign and the way you were slow in consolidating with them- meaning with the khulafa' to the Prophet. In all of that time period pertaining to the three successors to the Prophet you were being led or drawn as a reluctant camel would be pulled and you were not more expressive in envy to any of them than you were to your paternal aunt's son- this is in reference to Uthman. (Baladhuri)

Here Muawiyah uses two reasons to justify his cursing of Imam Ali (as). One reason is he believed Imam Ali (as) was responsible for Uthmaan's (ra) death. The other reason can be seen from his first letter to Imam Ali (as) where he attacks the legtimacy of Imam Ali's (as) leadership. Imam Ali (as) reponds to this letter by saying

You mentioned that Allah chose for him helpers from the Muslims who supported him, and that they were ranked to Him according to their merits in Islam. You asserted that the most excellent of them in Islam, and the most sincere to Allah and the Messenger (saws) were the caliph [i.e. Abu Bakr] and his caliph [i.e. Umar]. I swear by my life, their stations were indeed great, and the loss of them was a great wound! May Allah be merciful to them and grant them a great reward! You also mentioned that Uthman was third in excellence. If Uthman was good then Allah will reward him for that; if not, he will encounter a Lord who is Most Merciful and forgives any sin, no matter how great. I swear by Allah, I am hopeful that when people are rewarded by Allah for their excellence and sincerity to Him and His Messenger, our share will be the most abundant! ( Ansab of al-Baladhuri and the Wa'qat Siffin by al-Minqari.)

Now there are more details to these letters, but the focus here is emphasize on the concept of Tabarra. which certain sects believe its justitifed. I have listed 2 reasons why Muawiyah did Tabarra against Imam Ali (as). Now I will list 2 main reasons why 12r shias justify their Tabarra against the first 3 calipahs. The main reason is they believe that the first 3 calipahs were unworthy of leadership. The second reason is they actually think Bibi Fatima (sa) was killed and Umar (ra) was responsible for it.

Now again if we look at history Tabarra (character assissination) it was pioneered by Muawiyah and the Ummavi Kings who took power after him. Today on the contrary, its mainly practiced by the 12r shia. The reason why the Ummavis Kings and 12r Shia do Tabaara is similar, and difference is who they do it toward. As for Imam Ali (as) he never cursed the Calipahs, sure he differed from him many times but he never cursed them. As for the narration where 12rs use to say that bibi Fatima (sa) cursed the calipahs in every prayer those narrations don't have any chains.

Also, from the 12rs books we find many narrations which promote Tabarra (character assisination). I've seen these quotes on many websites and many shia sites such as answering ansaar haven't responded to them. On the contary, Answering Ansaar has responded to the hadith of Imam Mahdi (as) taking revenge against the sahaba. Below are quotes taken from the promienent shia scholar Mullah Baqir Al Majlisi. Al Majlisi in the shia sect has the status that ibn Tamiyah has for the salafis/wahabis.

Mullah Muhammed bin Yaqoob Kulaini, the most prominent Shi'ite scholar of Hadith, quotes Imam Baqir as saying:

'People became apostates after the death of the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), except for three people: Miqdad ibn Aswad, Abu Dharr Ghifari and Salmaan Farsi.' He continues:

'Abu Bakr and Omar did not repent before they parted the world. In fact, they did not even mention what they had done to Ali. So may Allah, His angels and all of mankind curse them. (Furu'ul Kafi: Kitabul Rauda: 115)

Mullah Baqir writes:

'Regarding the doctrine of' 'Tabarri' we believe that we should seek disassociation from four idols namely, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Mu'awiyah; from four women namely, Ayesha, Hafsa, Hind and Ummul Hakam, along with all their associates and followers. 'These are the worst creation of Allah. It is not possible to believe in Allah, His Messenger and the Imams without disassociating oneself from their enemies. (Haqqul Yaqeen: 2:519)

[The doctrine of 'Tabarri' means to have no association with the enemies of Allah.]

Mullah Baqir writes:

'One should say after each prayer: O Allah! Curse Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman, Mu'awiyah, Ayesha, Hafsa, Hind and Ummul Hakam. (Aynul Hayat: 599)

The Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi wa aalihi Wasallam), came to a person from the Ansaar and asked him if he had any food. The Ansaari said he had and slaughtered a goat. The man then grilled some meat and presented it to the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi wa aalihi Wasallam) who wished that Ali, Fathima, Hasan and Hussain were present with him. Then Abu Bakr and Omar arrived. Ali also arrived shortly after. Allah then revealed the verse:

'We have never sent any messenger prophet or Muhaddath before except that when ever they desired something, the devil interfered in their desire.' (The Prophet then said) This is just as the devil has sent his two agents here right now (Abu Bakr and Omar). (The footnotes of Maqbool's translation: Surah Hajj: 674)

[Muhaddath is a non-prophet but he is inspired by Allah]

Mullah Baqir Majlisi writes:

'Pharaoh and Hamaan refer here to Abu Bakr and Omar. (Haqqul Yaqeen: 342)

The same author also says:

'The references in big books about the illegitimate birth of Omar cannot be discussed in this book. (Ibid: 259)

Allah says in Surah Nahl (90):

"And He prevents you from immorality, unlawfulness and rebellion.'

Ali ibn Ibrahim AI-Qummi comments on this verse: 'These three vices refer to so and so, so and so and so and so.' (Al Qummi's commentary: 218)

Any ambiguity is cleared by the following comment: 'Immorality refers to the first person (Abu Bakr); unlawfulness refers to the second (Omar) and rebellion refers to the third (Uthman). (Footnotes to Maqbool's translation: 522)

Today the government of Iran is promoting a concept of unity where Sunnis and shias unite against a greater enemy. However, the ironic part about this concept is Iran doesn't even want to built any relations with Sunnis within their own country. They presecuted many Sunnis scholars in Iran, and won't allow Sunnis to have even one mosque in Tehran. As for Tabarra, I am sure you can find more than 70,000 mosques in Tehran where the Sahabas are cursed.

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  1. It is very sorry state. Being Shia, I condemn any type of Tabarra on First three Caliph and all the wives of our Prophet SWS. Sunni in Iran and Shia in Saudi Arabia are facing persecution from their respective regimes.