Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Nawasib of Today

Shaykh Albani of Saudi Arabia has declared Imam Hussain (as) as a sinner for revolting against the cursed Yazid. I always believed 12r shias were a big threat to Ahle Sunnah. However, I was wrong. The Nawasib of today call themselves Sunnis, and they have deviated many other Sunnis Muslims to thier extreme sect. Here the Saudi Grand Mufti has openly attacked Imam Hussain (as). This is only one form of Nisbism. Nowadays, when I enter most of the Sunnis mosques they consider Imam Hussain's (as) decisions in Karabala to irrelevant to Islam. Nauzbillah ! What is going on ?

Another form of Nisbism is the one that Zakir Naik took against Imam Hussain (as). I always thought Zakir Naik was alone when he said Imam Hussain (as) decision was a political one and not a religious one. On the contrary, I've seen many so called Sunni Mosques supporting this view. What is going on Sunnis ? Have we forgotten the Prophet's (sawas) beloved grandson. Do we really need shias to explain to us what common sense is ?

Below is Zakir Naik's Clip where he defends his deviant position.

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