Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Imam Hassan's (as) Speech After Making Peace

When they assembled at al Kufa, Amr b Al -As had been talking with Muawiyah and urged him to bid al Hassan to rise and address the people. But Muawiyah disliked that and asked "Don't you like me to address people?" Amr replied "I intend to show the people his incompetence," and he kept it up until Muawiyah gave in to him and went out. Then he ordered someone to call upon al Hasan b. Ali, "Rise, O Hassan and speak to the people."

So (Al-Hassan) began a spontaneous impromptu speech with the shahdah and then continued "O people God has guided you with the first of us, and spared your blood with the last of us. This regime has a certain duration and the world is subject to change. God almighty and the great said to his Prophet, "If I knew perhaps it is a temptation for you and delight for a while. When he said that, Muawwiyah told him to sit down and remain furious with Amr saying, "This is your idea!" (
Tareek Al Tabari page 8 Volume on Muawiya's Rule)
Here is the chain:

Yunus b Musa->Abdullah b Ahmad al Marrudhi-his father- Sulayman b al Fadl-Abdullah -Yunus-Al-Zuhri.           

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