Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why did Umar (ra) kill Fatima (sa) in the 12er Shia view ?

Among the points that makes 12er Shia sect different from all other sects including other shia sects is their belief that Muta is halaal, and of course the killing of bibi Fatima (as). Look up any other Shia sect you won't find any of them supporting these views. My question is  why did Umar (ra) kill Fatima (sa) in the 12er Shia view ? Wouldn't it be better if he killed Imam Ali (as) and his sons ? Even if we look at the case of Muawiyah and Imam Ali (as), Muawiyah got rid of anyone he believed would weaken his government. However, you don't see any 12ers pointing out that he killed Hashimi women. Even Yazid, he never killed Bibi Zaineb (sa) or any women in the Hashimi family.

I found one clip where Hasnain Rajabali says the reason was due to jealousy. To be honest what does Umar (ra) have to envy about Bibi Fatima (sa). If  Bibi Fatima (sa) has merits they mostly belong in the aqira. I am sure Umar (ra) knew that killing anyone would not allow you to steal rewards of aqira. I mean if there was wealth left over then killing someone and taking it would allow you to steal property. Now some 12er might point out that Fadak was big asset. Well Umar (ra) killed Imam Ali (as) then there would be no protector left. Without Imam Ali (as) how many times would Bibi Fatima (sa) be able to claim her property ?

Anyway here is the clip where Rajabali claims its due to jealousy. Refer to the 52 min mark.  Once again I do not see any logic.

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