Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Radius of Blessing of Masjid al Kufa is 12 miles ?

Whenever you remind a 12er that Abi Bakr (ra) and Umar (ra) are buried beside the Prophet  :Muhammad[S.A.W.W]:  they reply by saying "so what?"

However, in their traditions the 6th imam says "up to twelve miles of land in all directions from the mosque are blessed by its holiness."

      Hudhayfah narrated that Imam Al-Sadiq said :"by God ! this holy place is one of the four dignified mosques, which are: Grand Mosque in Kaaba, the Mosque of Medina, Al Aqsa Mosque, and this Mosque of Yours -  he meant  Al-Kufa Grand Mosque – By God ! it is there at that holy pillar where the diluvium had started submerging earth and right there at the fifth column beyond the nave of the mosque, Kinda gate, and niche of Prophet Ibrahim Al-Khalil, whereas in the middle of it, Noah had had his ark made there. Performing two prostrations of prayer would be better for me than ten others at any mosque –as an infallible Imam he means it is better for all Muslims to do so – And the mosque had lost twelve thousand arms area- ruined by the tyrant Obeid allah bin Ziad- even though it was the bless of its original 12miles and always would be."

However, in the 12er shia books I have not seen any traditions on the radius of blessings  on mosque of the Prophet (pbuh).

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