Thursday, March 28, 2013

Imams Never Destined to Rule

The Dozeners believe that only the 12 imams are worthy of handing the Islamic caliphate. In the comment below the a 12er shia site says that even among the Ahlul Bayt (as) only a dozen Imams are entitled as calipahs.
2. When Shi'as say that the household of the Prophet (S.A.W.) are more worthy of being the caliphs, they mean only the Twelve Imams and nobody else.
So when al Mamoon came in power he appointed Imam Ali Al Rida (as) as his successor. The imam refused, and Al Mamoon forced the imam into it.
Al-Irshad narrates that al-Mamoon discussed the subject of regency with al-Rida (A.S.), saying, "I have decided that you should be my successor." The Imam said: "Exempt me from that, O commander of the faithful, for I have neither the ability nor the strength for that." He said: "I have decided that you should be my successor." The Imam said: "Exempt me from that, O commander of the faithful." Al-Mamoon responded with a statement which was more of a threat than anything else; he said to him: "Umer ibn al-Khattab entrusted six persons to consult regarding caliphate, one of them was your grandfather Ali ibn Abu Talib (A.S.), and he preconditioned that anyone who went against their decision should be executed; therefore, you will have to accept what I have decreed for you, for I see no way that I can ever change my mind."
Al Mamoon tries his best however, the Imam says that he isn't destined for it.
"When al-Rida (A.S.) was seated during the regency celebration, with the orators and poets surrounding him and the flags fanning him, one individual who was present there and then said, `I was close to him that day, and he looked at me with an optimistic smile on his face regarding the event, and he beckoned for me to come close. When I did, he told me while nobody except me could hear him: `Do not let this excite you, and do not be overly optimistic, for it would never materialize.
So now if we go through the lives of these imams none of them are destined to rule . So now what the point of believing that till of the day of judgement there will be only a dozen imams who have the legitimacy of ruling ? Further the Imams say the Shias of the time were unreliable.
Ghaibat Nomani: It is narrated from Ali bin Ahmad from Ubaidullah binMusa Alawi from Muhammad bin Ahmad Qalanasi from Ali bin Husain from Abbas bin Aamir from Musa bin Hilal from Abdullah Ibne Ata that he said: I went to Hajj from Wasit and came to Imam Muhammad Baqir (a.s.). Heasked me about the people and prices. I said: "I left the people behind whiletheir necks were stretched towards you. Should you rise, the masses willfollow you." "O son of Ata," said the Imam, "you have started lending your ears to the fools. By Allah, I am not your Awaited Patron. Every man of us pointed by fingers or signaled by eyebrows will be murdered or will die in the bed." I said: "And what is dying in the bed?" "He dies by rage in his bed untilAllah sends the one whose birth is unbeknownst." "And who is the one whose birth will be unbeknownst?" The Imam replied, "Look who is the one whom people do not know whether he is born or not, he is your Awaited Patron."
Muhammad ibn al-Hassan and Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Bandar have narrated from Ibrahim ibn Ishaq from ‘Abd Allah ibn Hammad al-Ansari from Sadir al- Sayrafi who has said the following: “Once I went in the presence of abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, and said, ‘By Allah, it is your obligation not to sit (without proclaiming your leadership).’ The Imam asked, ‘Why O Sadir?’ I said, ‘Because your friends, Shi’a (followers) and supporters are so many. By Allah, were Amir al-Mu’minin (Ali ibn abu Talib), recipient of divine supreme covenant, to have that many Shi’a (followers) as your Shi’a, friends and supporters, no one of the tribe of Tamim or ‘Ady could dare to disturb him.’ The Imam said, ‘O Sadir, how many do you think they are?’ I said, ‘One hundred thousand.’ The Imam said, ‘One hundred thousand!’ I said, ‘Yes, in fact, they are up to two hundred thousand, and I said, ‘Half of the world (population) is your Shi’a.’ “The narrator has said that the Imam remained calm and then said, ‘Is it possible to come with us to Yanbu’?’ I said, ‘It is fine with me.’ He then asked to bring a donkey and a mule already saddled. I hurried to ride the donkey and he said, ‘O Sadir, can you consider to allow me ride the donkey?’ I said, ‘The mule is more beautiful and noble.’ He said, ‘The donkey is friendlier for me.’ I then dismounted and he rode the donkey and I rode the mule. We traveled until it was time for prayer. He said, ‘O Sadir, dismount and we should pray.’ Then he said, ‘This ground is soft, prayer is not permissible here.’ We moved to a red ground and he looked to a boy who shepherded goats. He said, ‘O Sadir, were I to have as many Shi’a (followers) as the number of these goats, then it would not have been permissible for me to sit (without proclaiming my leadership).’ We dismounted and prayed. When we finished the prayer I turned to the goats and counted them. There were seventeen heads of goats in the flock.’” (al-Kafi H 2311, CH 96, h 4)

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