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Aql is haraam in your madhab ? Hadith Acceptance/Interpretations!

I recently was on the shiachat forum, and I was debating with a shia member. He posted some points, and I shot some points back. All of sudden the 12r shia became emotional and responded by saying "I know 'aql is haraam in your madhhab". Where did he get this strange idea ? Now the 12rs shias love quoting Bukhari when they are debating. However, who said all Sahih hadith is binding on the sunni Madhab ? The sunnis have different schools of thoughts. Also, the 12r shias themselves have 2 schools of hadith known as a Akbari school and an Usooli schools. Since Akbaris have a different method of choosing hadith, does this mean they lack aql ? Give me a break. As for 12rs, they too have authentic hadith which are questionable. A 12rs can reply by saying we don't consider everything to be sahih. Personally, I don't even think majority of the 12rs know what sahih mean. Now, that's another topic. However, I would like to give an example of an illogical hadith which the 12r shia marja act upon in Iran.
عدة من أصحابنا عن أحمد بن محمد، عن ابن محبوب، عمن ذكره، عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام أنه نظر إلى بعض أصحابه وعليه نعل سوداء فقال: مالك وللنعل السوداء أماعملت أنها تضر بالبصر وترخي الذكر وهي بأغلى الثمن من غيرها وما لبسها أحد إلا اختال فيها.
(Furoo' al-Kafi, Chapter: Shoe Colors, #12591)

I entered on Abu Abdallah [as] wearing a black shoe, and he said: Why are you wearing a black shoe? Did you not know there are three characteristics in it? The narrator said: I said, what are they, may I be your ransom? He [as] said: It weakens your vision, loosens your penis and brings you depression. On top of that, it is part of the arrogant apparel. Wear the yellow shoes, for in it is three characteristics. The narrator said: I said, what are they? He [as] said: It sharpens the vision, strengthens the penis and puts away the depression, and furthermore, it is part of the Prophets [as] apparel".

The same hadith is quoted by esteemed shia scholar Shaykh
al-Sadouq' said in his book 'al-Khisaal' on page 99.
"my father -may Allah be pleased with him- told us: Ahmad ibn Idris told us: Muhammad ibn Ahmad told me: on the authority of Musa ibn Omar, on the authority of Abdullah ibn Jibillah, on the authority of Hanan ibn Sudayr, he said: I entered on Abu Abdullah -peace be upon him- wearing a black sandal, so he said: 'What's with you wearing a black sandal? Did you not know that it has three traits?' I said: 'what are they, may I be sacrificed for you?' He said: 'it causes weak eyesight, loss of the erection, and anxiety, and in addition to (all) that it is the wear of the arrogant;...'!!!! [and 'Abu Abdullah' went on:] ', wear yellow sandals, for they have three traits'!!! I said: 'What are they?' He (Abu Abdullah) said: 'sharpens eyesight, hardens the penis, and expels anxiety, and in addition to (all) that its the wear of prophets -peace be upon them'".

Also, here are pics of shia marjas who are acting upon this hadith.

Anyway, not all 12r shias agree with this hadith. However, the point I am trying to make here is that both schools have hadith which are questionable. For example in Bukhari we have

sahih bukhari:

Volume 5, Book 58, Number 188:

Narrated 'Amr bin Maimun:

During the pre-lslamic period of ignorance I saw a she-monkey surrounded by a number of monkeys. They were all stoning it, because it had committed illegal sexual intercourse. I too, stoned it along with them.

Also there are distrubing hadith about breast feeding, and many others. I think the readers get the point. In reality criticising Bukhari or Muslim is not a crime for sunnis. The great Ahle sunnah Imam Daraqutni wrote a book weaking the sahih hadith found in Bukhari. Also, Imam Tirmithi weakened a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari (his teacher), the hadith of the two stones.
In fact, here is one of many similar statements by the Ulama of Hadith, this one is by Hafeth Ath-Thahabi said in his Siyar vol 14/133:

ولم يكن أحد في رأس الثلاث مئة أحفظ من النسائي. هو أحذق بالحديث وعلله ورجاله من مسلم ومن أبي داود ومن أبي عيسى. وهو جار في مضمار البخاري وأبي زرعة إلا أن فيه قليل تشيع وانحراف عن خصوم الإمام علي كمعاوية وعمرو، والله يسامحه

which means: " No one at the head of the 3rd century was more of a Hafeth (of Hadith) than An-Nasa'i. He is more knowlegdable in Hadith, its illal, and narrators than Muslim, and Abu Dawood, and Abu Isa (tirmithi). He is running in parallel with Bukhari and Abu Zur'a, but there is a little Tasha'yu' (= liening towards Imam Ali), and harshness against the enemies of Imam Ali such as Muaw'yah and Amru, Allah forgive him".

Here is how Ath-Thabi considered that no Hadith scholar in the 3rd century was more knowledgable than Imam Nasa'i, not even Muslim, let along ABu Dawood, or Tirmithi. May Allah be pleased with them all. this is how the Ulama looked at Bukhari and Muslim, with admiration but also criticised what they thought is right. There are also similar statements about Imam Bukhari himself, etc.. They are all great in what they did. Yet they are not infallible. Criticising their Asaneed, narrators, Ahadith, methodology is fair game for the expert SCHOLARS.

From the 12rs side we have al Mufid who criticized the works of his own scholar Shaykh Saduq. Then we have Shaykh Al Tusi who was shocked at what the 3rd mujadid of the 12rs al Kulyani attributed to Ilm-e- Jafr. Difference exist within shia and sunni scholar. Are we going to waste our time mocking each other ? Or are we going to focus on intellectual debates ? I've been on shiachat and kr-hcy for years. Personally, I'm sick of topics which are based on mocking. This is why I have decided to focus my energy on this blog.

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