Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Imam Ali (as) Writes About His Merits to Muawiyah

In the Name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

1. Hadrat Muhammad Mustafa (sawas) the true Prophet was my cousin and my father-in-law.

2. Hadrat Hamza (ra) the chief of martyrs was my uncle. This fact is known to one and all.

3. Hadrat Ja'far (ra) who remains flying with the angels, morning till evening, was my brother, born to the same mother, as was made known to all by the true informer (The Holy Prophet )

4. The solace of eyes (daughter of Prophet ) was my close companion and wife.

5. Fatima's (sa) and my blood, flesh and skin are close together as being one and the same.

6. From our blood, flesh and skin came into being my sons, the pleasure of my sour the grandsons of the Holy Prophet

Is there anybody who possess these qualifications and merits ?

7. I embraced Islam in childhood, before attaining adolescence.

8. From the day that my relationship as son in law was established with the Holy Prophet I got a status that demanded by all Muslims to respect and give obedience to me.

9. Misery and ruin is destined for him, who will come on the Last Day as a known enemy of mine.

(Lata'if Akhbar-al Awwal, p. 34)

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