Friday, September 18, 2009

Imame Azam Abu Hanifa and Behlol Majzoob (ra)

Dr Tahir Ul Qadri talks about Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) being the student of Hz Behlol(ra) in Tasawuuf. He further states that Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) was the student of Ahlul Bayt imams such as Imam Zayd bin Ali (as), Imam Hassana Muthanna (as), Imam Abdullah bin Hassan (as), Imam Muhammad Al Baqir (as) and Imam Jafar as Sadiq (as).

The 12r shia myth about Abu Hanifa & Behlol Majzoob

The 12r shia usually quote this fabricated tradition to mock the status of Imam Abu Hanifa.

"Can pain be seen?"

Bahlool replied, "You yourself say that every present thing can be seen and you criticize Imam Jafar Sadiq by saying how is it possible that Allah is present, but invisible. Secondly, you wrongly claim that the clod of earth pains your head; because the clod of earth is made of mud and you were also created from mud. Then how can one kind of thing hurt the same type of substance? Thirdly, you yourself said that all acts are done by Allah. Then how can you say that I am guilty, present me to the Khalifa, complain about me, and demand punishment for me!"

Abu Hanifa listened to Bahlool's intelligent answers and shamefully left Haroun's court.

Notice it the end of this tradition it says Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) left Haroun Rashid court. Well the reality is Abu Hanifa (ra) did not live during the time of Haroon Rasheed rule.

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