Saturday, September 19, 2009

Are Sunnis Following the Enemies of the Ahlul Bayt ?

A 12rs told me that I was the following of the enemies of the Ahlul Bayt, since I was a non-shia. Then I told him to watch his mouth. Then the 12r replied by telling me that I should get offended because there is a possibility that even he can be following the enemies of Ahlul bayt. He added that I should research and discover the truth, and find out who stands where.

Here is his exact quote. He edited the first reply, but I still manged to store his second reply.

bro i have told u before and i will say again please please please follow The Holy Quran and dont assume bad things about your fellow brothers or sisters.
firstly i will not be the one debating bcz its been a long time since my research and ive gotten rusty takes a few months to get back all that information and i found someone more capable also bro i did see more than one lecture however i refused to look into the details and review it.
secondly what i said goes both ways we could be the ones following the enemies of Allah (AW) there is no "agenda" what u see is what u get with me.

However, what the 12r shia failed to reliaze, just like any other average 12rs is that I have been around shia for a long time. Therefore, the material the 12rs present me from answering ansaar,, pesharwar nights and Tijani's books will not shock me. It might world for a laymen sunni, but these sources fail on sunnis who are educated about the shia sect. After the shia posted the line where he stated "what i said goes both ways we could be the ones following the enemies of Allah," I told him that he may have a point.

After doing a little research I managed to find a clip where a shia scholar admits that a group of Shia will prepare for the Mahdi like how the Jews prepared for RasoolAllah (sawas). The Jews when the time came they themselves became the enemies of RasoolAllah(sawas). Likewise the shia scholar says a group of shias too will become the enemies of Imam Mahdi (as) as well.

Inshallah ! The Imam will come with the most advanced technology. According to a narration, at the time of his appearance knowledge will be leveled at 23 different stages. The Imam (as) will have knowledge of all 23 stages and the enemy will have the knowledge of only two stages out of the 23 stages of knowledge. Therefore, with all this knowledge that the Imam has he will eliminate all his enemies. For us shias instead of looking toward at military power and weapon technology, there is another aspect that we have to focus on. That aspect is our to duty to increase our level of imaan, our belief in the imam, our aqeeda, and the most important one to focus on is how we are going to guard ourselves from sinning. These are the requirement that will make us the true shia/soldiers of Imam Mahdi (as). Our weapons and technology power will not impress the imam to believe that we are his supporters, but what is important for our imam to see is that we have purified souls. If your soul is purified then you will be able to get close to the Imam (as). Today, our souls have been polluted, so we have opened up ports to our spirituality which allow Shayataan to whisper his evil messages toward our hearts and minds. Therefore, with this negative status we will only end up going against the imam. For example the Jews, they made preparations for RasoolAllah (sawas) for centuries and millenniums, and when the Prophet (sawas) appeared they instead started opposing him. The Jews of Khaybar originally settled there and made bases to prepare for the coming of the Prophet (sawas). On the contrary, those preparations ended working against RasoolAllah (sawas). The reason for that is the Jews did not purify their souls, and they didn't prepare their children to become faithful believers. The result of their preparation became inevitable, and the Jews began to oppose the Prophet (sawas). The same downfall will occur during the time of the Imam (as). Shia will present themselves as shias but they will lack imaan, not follow what is binding on them, not have purified souls, and as a result shias themselves will end up becoming the Imaam's enemies. So the real preparation is to strengthen your imaan, and not worry about which weapon's technology which will exist at the time. The military power and weapon's technology is the secondary stage and not the primary preparation for the imam.

My advise to the sunnis is not to waste time with such closed minded shias. They are only online to insult you and your madhab. As for shias, if you think by using this type of lip service is contribution to Islam, then you are wrong. Please review the aklaaq of Ahlul Bayt (as).

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