Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Imam Ali's (as) Humbless

The tyrant rulers believed that leadership was based on cruelty, wealth and power. These tyrants who ruled over the Ummah lived in palaces.
When Imam Ali (as) entered Kufa, he was offered a palace as well. However, the Imam did not have any desire to live in a palace. In fact, he disliked it. Instead Imam Ali (as) asked the people of Kufa about where the local mosque was, and when he discovered it the imam built a small house next to it.

Imam Ali (as) used to shop for clothes at places where the people would not recognize him. Once Imam Ali (as) had 5 dinars to spend. He went to a tailor and asked him to sell him the cheapest materials for a set of clothes. With that 5 dinars the imam bought 2 separate pieces of clothing. One piece of the clothing material was worth 2 dinars, and the other was worth 3 dinar. The imam gave the material worth 3 dinars to his servant and kept the cheaper material for himself.

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