Friday, September 18, 2009

Hadhrat Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr (ra) refuses to Accept Wealth From Muawiyah

The Incident with Hadhrat Muawiya (RAD) Hadhrat Abdul Azeez bin Hadhrat Abdur Rahman bin Auf (RAD) narrates that Hadhrat Muawiya (RAD) once sent a hundred thousand dirham’s to Hadhrat Abdur Rahman bin Abu Bakr (RAD) after he refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid who was the son of Hadhrat Muawiya (RAD). Hadhrat Abdur Rahman (RAD) refused to accept the money saying, “Should I sell my deen for my worldly gain?” He then proceeded to Makkah where he passed away (1)

1. Hakim (vol.3 Pg. 476) Zubayr bin Bakkar has reported a similar narration, as quoted in isabah (vol 2 pg 408)


  1. Brother could you please post the arabic of Mustadrak please. Ahsantum.

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